COSV is now a verification partner for the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) that is aiming to establish a unified identity for the global social enterprise movement. The verification process is designed to be straightforward and cost-effective, facilitating market access and opportunities for social enterprises worldwide.


To be eligible to apply for verification, you should satisfy the minimum below criteria:

  1. Purpose: Entity exists to solve a social and/or environmental problem. This purpose is publicly communicated online. Plan to update a governing document to include the stated purpose.
  2. Operations: Entity meets minimum sector standards * and publicly communicates online how people and planet are prioritized.
  3. Revenue: The entity can submit financial records that show earned income from the sale of goods, services, or reciprocal grant contracts**. Plans for financial sustainability.
  4. Use of Surplus: The entity has a public commitment to reinvesting the majority of surplus towards its stated purpose. Entity can submit financial records showing greater than 50% reinvestment or purpose related disbursement.
  5. Structure: Entity can show a public commitment to locking in purpose. Plans to update governing document or registration. Current financing and ownership do not prevent future lock-in.

* Read minimum sector standards of not doing harm to people or planet here.

** Reciprocal grants are linked to specific service outputs such as: employment of X number of disadvantaged people.

Why to get involved

Access to funding opportunities, pro bono services and discounts that are currently limited to registered non-profits and charities.
Access to a network of international companies and institutions that are committed to social procurement policies and value chain partnerships with social enterprises.
Access to global marketplaces and procurement platforms through increased visibility and software integrations. The first of these is launching Q4 of 2023 and will integrate SEWF Verified enterprises into the SAP Business Network global purchasing software.
Fast track for pro-bono legal services for all SEWF Verified enterprises through TrustLaw.
Access to funding tools like Grant Station – reduced from $695 per year to only $95.
Connection to other social enterprises and networks – for peer learning, for connections, for sharing of specialist knowledge.
To connect with funders to bring funds to our ecosystem for the types of things that are most important to them – Research & Development, Core Costs, Scaling and Growth, Ecosystem Building.

Verification Fees

Initial verification costs $85 and annual renewal costs $70.
• You may pay using your fresh account or you may contact us for local support.

Info session

To answer your questions and to better understand the verification process, you may attend a 30-minutes info-session.

Check the monthly schedule by clicking on this link: