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LEB INC! Promoting inclusive business in Lebanon

Leb inc! is a pivotal platform among universities, SMEs and the social entrepreneurship movement to common join forces in reducing the unemployment of youth and promote an inclusive and sustainable approach to the Business Faculties.

ACAP Community Action for the Conservation of Protected Areas in Albania (ACAP)

Through a Community Action Fund (CAF), CSOs and informal groups of citizens were supported for actions for tourism / environmental purposes within the protected areas of southern Albania. Participatory planning (co-design) and community-based approaches were carried out to promote sustainable tourism, better management of natural resources, enhancement of territorial assets.

SEE CHANGE Social Enterprise Ecosystem Change

A whole program to boost the advancement of the SE ecosystem, COSV is leading the incubation of 4 new models of SE in Lebanon and measuring their impact on related policy: community enterprise, school-enterprise, NGOs in transition and public-private partnership.

WBSEA - Western Balkan Social Economy Alliance

The project aims at depicting social economy as a brain-gain catalyst in the Western Balkans, thus, building the capacities of youth organizations in WB region to embed social economy in their strategic planning and positioning and work towards the development of social economy programmes and advocacy initiatives. It intends to stimulate youth brain-gain in WB region by supporting the creation of an enabling environment for youth employment through promotion of self-employment and social entrepreneurship practices. Fostering regional cooperation, capacity-building and an exchange of know-how and good practices between WB countries and EU.

BAIR - Bitola's joint Action for the Inclusion of Rome -

The Project will work for the improvement of the basic conditions of the Roma communities of Bitola in terms of urban planning, housing, access to social services and participation in community life. In particular, a highly participatory approach will be adopted aimed at strengthening the target community in becoming an active part of the community and protagonist of the development and improvement of living conditions. This approach will be used especially in the use of the Housing Restoration Fund (HRF) which will be aimed at improving the conditions of homes and settlements, including energy efficiency interventions, in which these communities live

NOI - Narratives of Impact (NOI)

NOI has the following objectives: better understand how digital stories are used to create impact at local, national and pan-European levels; investigate how stories can be used by activist groups to create communities of change; design and oversee the implementation of stakeholder engagement strategy; explore how lived experience can be used to create better connections between social services and its users; research and analyse the ways how storytelling can measure change and impact.”

GREEN AL Empower Grass-Root CSOs for Improved Innovative Environmental Protection in Albania

Targeting Albanian CSOs / grassroots associations engaged in the environmental field through an acceleration program via the sub-granting scheme. Mentoring and technology will allow them to improve their organizational and financial sustainability, including through recourse to the market and the establishment of public-private partnerships for the establishment of ecological services for communities.

REACH - Raising Environmental Awareness on Circular economy and natural Habitats of Cetinje and Lovcen

The project will work with local actors active in the areas of Cetinje and Lovcen (national park), coming from public authorities, schools, CSOs and private individuals, for the realization of pilot circuits of circular economy in the bio-waste supply chain. This intervention will also increase the awareness and awareness of the same actors and the local population on the issues of the environment, proper waste management and climate change.à-di-Kolonja-1015x960.png

Revitalisation of the multifunctional center of Kolonja

Support disadvantaged groups of women and young people at risk of social exclusion with economic and social empowerment actions, also through social incubation processes for the realization of multicultural events, together with local producers, artisans and professionals aim also of creating territorial marketing processes.