Community-led skills development for migrant women


Community-led skills development for migrant women

Egna Legna Besidet, an organization led by migrant domestic workers (MDWs), empowers and supports MDWs in Lebanon through various initiatives. One such program is the Skills Training Program, where MDWs learn practical soap-making skills over two months.

This program promotes cross-cultural collaboration and capacity-building among women leaders from diverse migrant communities. Egna Legna Besidet also advocates for the human rights of MDWs, championing policy reforms and providing legal support.

Operating as an NGO in partnership with organizations like The Alliance of Migrant Domestic Workers Together Forever and Tres Marias, Egna Legna offers skills training programs in candle-making and food preservation.

These programs equip MDWs with valuable skills for income generation and economic independence, fostering entrepreneurship and self-reliance. Through the production and sale of candles and preserved food items, Egna Legna not only empowers MDWs but also showcases their resilience and creativity.

SJIP’s support has significantly strengthened the capabilities of the project partners. Through a grant of $20,000, experienced trainers were engaged to provide specialized training in food preservation and candle making, empowering partners with essential skills. The Training of Trainers (ToT) workshops facilitated knowledge dissemination, enabling partners to train migrant women directly, benefitting 120 individuals.

Beyond technical skills, SJIP offered tailored business coaching, refining operational aspects and improving sustainability. Additionally, SJIP provided a platform to showcase and sell products, enhancing visibility and market access. Overall, SJIP’s comprehensive assistance has played a pivotal role in enhancing project partners’ capacities and empowering migrant women in the community.Throughout the project, the training initiatives expanded significantly, fostering valuable partnerships and extending economic empowerment efforts for migrant domestic workers. Over 120 individuals directly benefited from training, while funding from two new sources was secured. The establishment of four new community hubs further broadened their reach, amplifying impact and sustainability.

The project’s unique value proposition is its personalized and collaborative approach to training migrant domestic workers (MDWs), addressing specific needs and skill gaps.

It utilizes existing MDW networks for peer knowledge transfer and selects potential leaders for Training of Trainers (ToT) workshops, fostering self-sustainability. The sustainability plan focuses on community-driven efforts, seeking partnerships and funding for expansion. MDW groups aim for self-sufficiency, sharing expertise and utilizing digital platforms for effective product marketing.

With additional support, they strive for financial independence, benefiting their community and ensuring long-term success.