Cezars Projects


Cezars Projects

Cezar Mahmoud inherited a guest house and, in 2017, initiated a project to engage his friends in supporting youth employment in the mountainous area. Now, Cezar’s Projects is a social enterprise in Mount Lebanon’s Shouf region, focusing on rural tourism and coordinating rural initiatives with a youthful and innovative approach.  

They aim to preserve local traditions, sustain local talent, and provide job opportunities aligned with the region’s ecosystem. Their services include Farmville Barouk, offering accommodation, meals, agricultural activities, and a creative workspace, along with a consultancy hub for social entrepreneurship. They also launched the first paragliding project in Shouf, educational farming experiences at Maasser Donkey Farm, farm-to-table dining, a renovated guesthouse called Streeh, and revived traditional kanoon-making with Khelte Rahija. Additionally, they developed a hub for rural products in partnership with local families, emphasizing quality, safety, and sustainability. These products are sold at Cezar’s Projects’ initiatives, primarily at Farmville Barouk. 

Under the (SJIP), the partners received a grant of $19,448.25 to establish “Warak Arish,” a farm-to-table lunch experience aiming to enhance visitors’ natural experience in the region. This initiative fills a gap in locally served food experiences, providing farm-fresh meals prepared by local women. The grant was used to invest in tangible assets, market the project, and provide training to home cooks, improving their skills. SJIP also facilitated networking and mentorship opportunities, connecting the project with influential individuals and business coaches. 

Impact from 2022 to 2023 includes the creation of 75 direct job opportunities and welcoming 30,000 visitors from 69 nationalities under Cezar’s Projects. The Maasser Farm-Table initiative, a part of SJIP, benefited 22 individuals, including youth finding employment or volunteer opportunities, local cooks earning income, and farmers gaining access to a visitor market. By 2023, Cezar’s Projects had developed over 50 experiences and formed over 30 collaborations. Additionally, the revenue generated by the end of 2022 amounted to $68,736.00. 

Cezar’s Projects employs a hybrid resource model, blending elements of a social business and a community enterprise. Revenue comes from tourism, donations, and personal funding, ensuring financial sustainability while supporting community goals. The initiative engages local youth and community members, empowering them in decision-making processes and prioritizing ethical practices. 

Collaborating with the municipality, it leverages public assets to enhance livelihoods and foster social cohesion. Overall, Cezar’s Projects combines financial sustainability with community engagement and ethical practices, driving positive change through various initiatives. 

Cezar’s Projects’ sustainability plan aims for enduring success and positive community impact through revenue diversification, community engagement, and eco-friendly practices. Future plans include expanding activities, investing in solar energy, and refurbishing guesthouses. Team capacity will increase through recruitment and skill development. The commitment to community involvement remains strong, with ongoing initiatives to benefit the local community continuously. The dynamic sustainability plan ensures resilience and lasting positive contributions to both the environment and the community.