Tasting Lebanon on Wheels


Tasting Lebanon on Wheels

Le Passeport Culinaire (LPC), founded in 2016, promotes exceptional culinary and wine experiences, focusing on Lebanon’s rich gastronomic heritage. Through partnerships with USAID’s Trade and Investment Facilitation project and the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA), LPC launched “Tasting Lebanon on Wheels,” offering sustainable gastronomy tourism experiences in remote areas. LPC’s current services include tours by local food ambassadors, gourmet journeys, vine and wine tours, handpicked experiences, Guesthouses and Guest Tables certification and promotion and the Whiskn’roll social recipes platform.

Under the Social Justice Incubation Program (SJIP), LPC received funding to develop a mobile kitchen tricycle and conduct culinary tours. Its Hybrid Resource Model blends financial support with human resources, technology, and strategic partnerships to promote Lebanese culinary heritage sustainably.

LPC’s unique value proposition lies in its focus on sustainability, cultural immersion, variety of experiences, support for local communities, exclusive access, and preservation of culinary heritage. Also,the Whiskn’roll platform adds an interactive dimension, fostering community and culinary exchange.

LPC’s sustainability plan focuses on financial stability, human development, community engagement, technological innovation, partnerships, and environmental responsibility.