Regenerate Hub


Regenerate Hub

Regenerate Hub is a circular economy platform that aims to enhance nature-based solutions by centralizing and visualizing data across sectors. Founded by Joslin, the platform was launched in 2022 with a beta version populated with datasets on various aspects like water, energy, and waste. In April 2022, it gained endorsements from the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Environment, enabling collaboration for data collection and access. In 2023, Regenerate Hub was upgraded to V3.0 with a “share economy module” to support public sector, municipalities, and industrial transitions towards zero waste and circular economy practices, linking to EcoSouk products for sustainable consumption and production.

Recycle Lebanon offers a range of services and programs to tackle ecological challenges comprehensively. These include:

  1. Dive Into Action: A program focused on raising awareness about ecological issues through activities like workshops, clean-up initiatives, and tree planting events to mobilize communities towards sustainability.
  2. Regenerate Hub: A circular economy platform providing data visualization tools and access to nature-based alternatives, fostering informed decision-making and sustainable choices.
  3. EcoSouk: Both a physical and online store offering eco-friendly products, supporting conscious consumption and providing economic opportunities for marginalized producers.
  4. Terra Pods: An integrated safe space promoting creative ecology and sustainable futures through various elements such as art residency, gallery exhibition space, agro-ecology farm, community kitchen, and bio-design makerspace.

Recycle Lebanon received a grant from SJIP, enabling them to enhance sustainability and ecological awareness through various initiatives. Their impact from 2022-2023 includes securing partnerships with governmental bodies, hiring part-time data teams, and developing their platform.

EcoSouk filled glass jars, diverted plastic bags, exhibited products from local producers, and generated sales. TerraPods undertook initiatives like land restoration, construction, hiring seasonal laborers, developing an agro-ecology farm, farming vegetables, and harvesting produce.
Regenerate Hub’s hybrid resource model ensures its long-term sustainability and effectiveness in addressing ecological challenges. By drawing from various funding sources, such as grants, donations, and strategic partnerships, it secures essential support. Moreover, it actively engages its user community, fostering a sense of shared ownership and participation. Through consulting services, product sales, and exploring crowdfunding, Regenerate Hub sustains its operations and expands its impact. Its unique value proposition lies in its role as a dynamic circular economy platform, centralizing and visualizing data to address interconnected challenges, thus pioneering holistic system change in Lebanon.

Regenerate Hub’s sustainability plan focuses on continuous growth and impact through innovative initiatives. It prioritizes the development of Regenerate Hub V2.0, leveraging data to advocate for sustainable practices. Maintaining partnerships with governmental bodies and NGOs ensures reliability as an information source. With the upcoming launch of Regenerate Hub V3.0 and in 2024, the platform aims to extend its influence, fostering a more sustainable future.