Promotion of Local Production


Promotion of Local Production

The El Khalil Foundation (EKF) was founded in 2003 by the El Khalil Family to aid the people of Hasbaya District by improving personal, social, and economic conditions. Hasbaya, located on Lebanon’s southeastern border, has faced significant challenges due to decades of conflict, leading to isolation and hardships.

In 2020, EKF partnered with Hadiyati Company to reintegrate Hasbaya into the tourism sector and support local employment and product sales, particularly through the promotion of local produce.

The El Khalil Foundation (EKF) and Hadiyati Company collaborate to market agricultural and agro-industrial products from the Hasbaya-Marjeyoun Districts, promoting locally sourced items like Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and olive oil-based soaps. Their efforts aim to facilitate market access for local producers, both domestically and internationally, enhancing economic opportunities and diversifying the local economy. With successful exports to countries like Germany, Italy, and Japan, this initiative showcases the region’s product quality and potential. Through exposure to wider markets, the collaboration fosters economic growth and improves living conditions in the Hasbaya-Marjeyoun Districts.

Under the Social Justice Incubation Program (SJIP), EKF received a grant to digitize products, run digital campaigns, and organize promotional events. SJIP’s extensive network and collaboration efforts have enhanced marketing activities and sales channels. The impact of SJIP includes streamlining the value chain, establishing sales points, supporting branding, achieving substantial sales, and promoting legal compliance among producers. The program aligns with several policy sectors and Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on rural development, agricultural services, civil peace-building, and social services.

EKF’s unique value proposition lies in its collaborative approach, fostering private-public partnerships and promoting local products through festivals and events. The organization emphasizes inclusivity, youth empowerment, and support for local businesses in its sustainability plan. By addressing community needs and building partnerships, EKF aims to create lasting positive change in Hasbaya District while ensuring its own sustainability.