The School-Enterprise collaboration between Batloun Technical Institute and La Belle Blanche, known as “Mda3ekra,” transforms unused school facilities into a cheese production unit. Students actively engage in cheese production, enhancing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) with real-market experience. La Belle Blanche’s industry expertise ensures project success, and cheese distribution through their channels creates a sustainable revenue source for the school.

This forward-thinking partnership exemplifies innovation in education and industry collaboration, benefiting students and the community. Under SJIP, a $42,000 grant supports facility rehabilitation, equipment purchase, staff training, and product distribution. The initiative expands networks for La Belle Blanche and strengthens the school’s hospitality program, attracting new students to dairy production training.

The initiative has made significant strides in skill development and employment by equipping 83 students with dairy production expertise, leading to immediate job placements at Batloun Dairy factory, with more students set to follow suit. Furthermore, it extends support to local farmers, providing specialized training to five individuals in milk production, thereby bolstering the agricultural sector and fostering regional economic growth. Collaboration with La Belle Blanche has resulted in the creation of “Mda3ekra” Labne cheese, diversifying product offerings and accessing untapped markets through distribution to four selling points. Moreover, the partnership has facilitated the transfer of industry knowledge, ensuring cheese production adheres to industry standards, thus enhancing overall product quality. Beyond economic impact, the initiative contributes to community development by creating economic opportunities, enhancing local farmers’ skills, and introducing innovative products to the market, thereby fostering community cohesion and advancement.

The School-Enterprise “Mda3ekra” initiative pioneers a hybrid resource model, aiming to transform education and enhance public governance for vocational and technical institutes (VTIs). Through collaboration with La Belle Blanche, the initiative improves TVET quality, aligning curriculum with industry practices and generating revenue through Labne sales to support financial sustainability.

This approach fosters local industry growth, provides a talent pipeline, and contributes to economic development. The initiative’s distinct advantages include hands-on learning, private sector collaboration, financial sustainability, market diversification, community impact, and innovation in governance, showcasing a holistic approach to education-industry partnerships. In summary, “Mda3ekra” represents a visionary model for driving positive change and growth in vocational and technical education through comprehensive collaboration and innovation