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Bus Bike

Riders’ Rights, established in 2015 and officially registered as an NGO in 2019, focuses on promoting shared transportation in Lebanon. They collaborate with The Chain Effect to encourage cycling and walking as sustainable transport methods and to develop a holistic vision for transportation in the country. Through the Mobility Justice Network, they’ve produced papers on fair transportation and discussed integration between buses and bicycles. Their SJIP collaboration involves piloting bicycle racks on informal buses, facilitating intermodal transport between mountainous and suburban areas and Beirut. Current services include bicycle parking solutions, street art initiatives, advocacy workshops, educational programs on soft mobility, cycle-friendly infrastructure design, mapping Lebanon’s public transport, and advocacy for rider and driver rights. Together, they aim to promote sustainable and inclusive transportation solutions in Lebanon.

Under the SJIP, a grant of $20,000 facilitated the implementation of bike racks on 16 public buses. This funding enabled the partnership to expand its network, cover project expenses, conduct outreach, and develop a marketing and business model. Technical assistance supported the local rack design and legal understanding. With all this support, the initiative successfully launched bike rack installation after thorough testing, ensuring market fit through surveys and collaborative discussions. Building relationships with stakeholders and participating in events expanded community outreach, laying a strong foundation for sustainable transportation in Lebanon.

The Bus Bike initiative operates under an Entrepreneurial NonProfit (ENP) model, relying on community engagement, advocacy, volunteerism, and donations. Its sustainability depends on support from the Ministry of Public Transportation, envisioned through a partnership agreement aligning with Lebanon’s sustainable mobility plan. Bus Bike could potentially serve as a Public Sector Social Enterprise (PSE), contributing to the government’s green economy transition. Collaboration between public and non-profit sectors is crucial, bridging gaps in sustainable transportation. This model not only emphasizes economic sustainability but also aligns with broader environmental and economic objectives. Success depends on collaboration with the Ministry of Public Transportation, enabling Bus Bike to fulfill its mission and support Lebanon’s green economy transition.

BUS BIKE’s unique value proposition stems from its holistic approach to mobility, integrating Riders’ Rights’ expertise in public transport mapping and advocacy with The Chain Effect’s focus on promoting cycling and walking. This ensures a comprehensive solution to mobility challenges, addressing both public transit improvements and eco-friendly modes like cycling. The initiative is community-centric, considering diverse needs and preferences through advocacy and community engagement. Strategic partnership building with over 10 large partners enhances reach, scalability, and collective problem-solving.

Data-driven decision-making tailor’s solutions to community needs, while advocacy for transportation rights combines with practical implementation of bicycle infrastructure for impactful and sustainable transportation. Additionally, educational and awareness initiatives foster a cultural shift towards sustainable transportation choices, adding long-term impact beyond service provision.

The Bus Bike Sustainability Plan aims to bolster impact and sustainability in Lebanon’s transportation sector. Key components include mission alignment, diversified funding, community engagement, partnerships, and policy advocacy. Commercializing bus bike racks for private buses is a crucial strategy for revenue generation. Immediate plans involve finalizing rack production, expanding outreach for partnerships, and mass installation of racks around Beirut, alongside a university outreach campaign. These initiatives aim to create a resilient model for sustained growth and community support, positioning Bus Bike as a leader in Lebanon’s sustainable transportation future.

Bus Bike
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