Baalback Art Academy


Baalback Art Academy

The Baalbek Cultural Council serves as a humanitarian incubator in Baalbek and Hermel, fostering positive change and peace-building through cultural initiatives. Recently, it organized a significant event bringing together diverse individuals to explore strategies for mitigating violence and hatred. One key outcome was the decision to establish an Art Academy targeting school students to combat societal issues through art.  

BCC currently offer various services including professional artistic training, stage performance opportunities, cultural enrichment and heritage programs, social impact initiatives, confidence-building through artistic expression, financial empowerment programs, and holistic personal development courses. 

Under the SJIP grant, BCC received funding to establish “The Art Academy,” preparing the space, acquiring equipment, and recruiting a team.  

The program aims to engage 100 youth from diverse backgrounds in cultural activities, fostering inclusivity and talent development. Notably, the grant facilitated the acquisition of necessary equipment and improved project management. 

 In its start-up phase, the Baalbek Art Academy exceeded expectations, with 110 students in music classes and 26 in drawing classes. These achievements reflect the academy’s commitment to nurturing talent and preserving cultural heritage. Transitioning towards sustainability, the academy introduces revenue-generating initiatives like paid courses and a cafeteria.  

As part of the Baalbek Cultural Council, the academy serves as a humanitarian incubator, fostering positive change and promoting peace-building initiatives. It emphasizes cultural awareness, campaigns against violence, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a holistic approach to personal development, embodying its unique value proposition within the community. 

To ensure market sustainability and inclusivity, Baalbek Art Academy adopts a mix of paid and free courses, making artistic education accessible while strengthening market resources. Moving forward, the academy plans to diversify revenue streams through various strategies: 

  1. Student Fees: Continuously relying on student fees as a primary revenue source, ensuring competitive tuition fees to attract students seeking professional training.
  2. Mini Snack Corner: Introducing a “Mini Snack Corner” to generate supplementary revenue while catering to students’ needs. 
  3. Grant Applications and Sponsorship: Actively pursuing public and private grants and seek corporate sponsorships to align with the academy’s mission and objectives. 
  4. Collaborations and Partnerships: Strengthening collaborations with local organizations and establish connections with national and international institutions to expand reach and potential funding sources. 
  5. Fundraising Events: Organizing art auctions, exhibitions, and cultural events to engage the community, promote student talents, and raise funds for the academy’s sustainability and growth. 
Baalback Art Academy
Baalback Art Academy